Today began with coffee in the shower.

Today, like everyday, began with a cup of coffee in the shower. Yep.

And the work day began like every weekday in the office. We had a prayer and devotion meeting while sitting on pillows in the small carpeted meeting area of our office/art gallery. On Fridays, instead of reading the next chapter of the Bible as devotional material, we discuss the week’s headlines and pray. This is where I had a second cup of coffee.

james on carpet 1400 x 395 40

This is the carpet where we meet and pray. That’s not me.

Then, I had a meeting with our Mission Mobilization team members (6 of our staff members working to recruit, train and send new missionaries to the field) to discuss new strategy and our current plan to recruit for next year’s internship (it begins in September. Read about that here).

Mobilization team

This is Carlos, Kaitlyn and Emery at the Mission Mobilization meeting.

After the meeting, I answered some emails about some upcoming events and church services. We attend a lot of events to speak about mission among unreached peoples. I also spoke with a couple people on the field in Central Asia.

Then, I met with a staff member to go over a debrief summary report (a summary of a set of meetings and conversations we have to help missionaries to be equipped to manage re-entry into their home country healthily) to be sent to a missionary who recently came home from several years on the field.

At 11:30, I met with one of the participants in our Mission Training Internship to talk about her post-internship trip plans and needs. She’ll be going long-term to a country in the Middle East. We talked about fundraising, decision-making, disciple-making and a few other things.

my office

This is my office. Some of my meetings and lots of my work happens here. Can you find the hula dancing doll?

I went to lunch at a restaurant near us here in downtown Richmond, VA with 3 other staff members and one staff-member’s mother. We sat outside. Since service at the restaurant was very slow today, I also had to take a scheduled call to talk with someone from another organization about how to get a ministry internship program started. This is when I had my third cup of coffee.

We walked the 4 blocks back to the office and joined the rest of the staff to write our newsletters and blogs. The 4th Friday of every month is “Newsletter Friday”. We set aside 90 minutes per month in the office to write updates to our friends, families, supporters etc. I’m now drinking my fourth cup of coffee.

After writing this blog post, I will meet with Ben, our office’s resident artist and Art as Mission ministry leader to talk about the new art gallery exhibit he will open in our organization’s art gallery (Our art gallery has become one of the most popular art galleries in the city of Richmond).


This is Ben making art.

Tonight, I’ll go home and throw my kids around the living room a little bit while they shoot me with nerf guns and otherwise attack me. Then I’ll make dinner.


This is a photo of the time I taught my family how to jump.

Later tonight, I will teach some ESL classes for Rosetta Stone. I will also probably grade some assignments for the courses I teach for Liberty University while watching TV with my wife, Yurihn. I will not be drinking coffee.

Every day I work toward accomplishing short-term goals along with 3, 5 and 10 year goals. We will make the world better by working hard to accomplish big things that can only be done with long-term work and investment. We pray and work so that people and nations will know about Jesus for the first time.