I have found these things to be universally true. 

  1. Jesus is real and people are better for choosing that faith. Believe.
  2. The fruitfulness of some ministry can be measured by whether people come to follow Jesus as a result of its work. and there are other good and urgent things to be done as well.
  3. Life is hard and it’s good. Complain less, solve more.
  4. Real love inspires people to follow. Love first.
  5. Be about building team if you want a thing to grow.
  6. People need and work better when they have heard an honest declaration of the good in them. Encourage people.
  7. We’re not delicate. Work hard.
  8. Keep moving.
  9. Life is better when we invite people into it with us. Multiply the good in you.
  10. Christ and his love give us boundaries. Be constrained.
  11. You decide what you love. You don’t discover it. Be shaped toward the good.
  12. It is best to lead by inspiring people to follow, not by gathering authority.
  13. Dream big, pray often and live toward the accomplishment of those prayers. Carry the bigger vision as your own, because it is.