Mar 13

I’m in Indonesia

I left Phnom Penh for Indonesia early yesterday morning. During my 4 hour layover in Singapore, a friend picked me up and we went to lunch. It was my first time in Singapore and since we left the airport and had a good meal, I can now add Singapore to the list of places I’ve been. We also visited Bill’s office and walked quickly around downtown. Here’s a picture of my friend Bill with his office team in Singapore. Bill is the white guy.


I got to Surabaya, Indonesia at about 5PM and my friend Quan and a new friend Pastor Indro picked me up and took me to dinner. We ate well. Last night I stayed at a Bible school run by a church. There are almost 50 students studying Bible and ministry here. This is a good place.

Mar 13

Today in Phnom Penh

This morning we worked at the youth outreach ministry again. We taught English, Bible and Bread-Making (round two). It went great.

Train Tracks
Mexican Candy
Dinner Rolls
Braided Bread

This afternoon we had lunch at “Mike’s Burgers”.

Pepto Bismol
Canned Refried Beans
Taco Seasoning

After lunch we went to a former “Killing Field” site that now serves as a memorial to the victims of the genocide.

Mass Graves

Later we walked through a touristy market.

Place Mats







Mar 13

A Village Visit, Church Planting, Fertilized Duck Egg and St. Patrick

Today, we’ll be visiting a village area a couple hours outside Phnom Penh. A long-term goal is to see a church planted in the area. We’ll be going with some of the long-term team to meet people, make friends and pray.

After the village visit, our friend Jon Gordon will take us on a Food Tour in the city. Spiders and fertilized duck-eggs are on the list of scheduled tour bites. Can I eat a fertilized duck egg? I give myself a 50% chance. Is anyone willing to take bets and cut me in on the profits afterwards?

A photo update:

The trip is going great! The timing has been ideal and it has been good to have the opportunity to remind our friends here how valuable their work is. Yesterday we had a party and gave gifts to the World Horizons mission team. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day American-Style with cheesy green decorations and accessories in an Indonesian restaurant with 1 Irish man, 1 Canadian woman, 4 English people, 1 French woman, 1 Indonesian and 5 Americans.

Later, we spent several hours at an orphanage run by our friends. It’s a good and happy place and evidence that the work being done by our team here is achieving long-lasting, sustainable good. I’m proud to be a member of this organization.






Mar 13

Today we’ll throw a party for World Horizons missionaries living here.

We arrived to Cambodia with Rubbermaid bins full of gifts for our missionary friends because we’re proud and glad for the work they do.
Today, we’ll have a party and distribute the gifts. We’re looking forward to the fun. Each of the teammates will get a tube stock stocking full of stuff!

Yesterday, the English lessons that Hope Warriner taught were great. The children learned and loved it.
The flat-bread making class and the discussion called “Why are foreigners so strange?” went well too. We talked about mission, culture and communication.
In other news, Aleesa Schlup arrived last night and so our team is now complete.


Mar 13

Today in Phnom Penh, we’re teaching “Why are foreigners so strange?”

Today, we’ll be working and teaching at a youth outreach program in Phnom Penh. The ministry is called MorningStar. They run daily programs for kids from 5 to 21 years old. We’ll be teaching an English lesson, a lesson on how to make “pizza bread” and a class called “Why are foreigners so strange?” as an introduction to cross-cultural communication and mission.
Cambodia has a part to play in God’s plan for the nations.

We are the foreigners and we are strange.

I just took this photo from my seat at a coffee shop. This boy and girl were flirting with each other.


Mar 13

Today in Phnom Penh, we’ll teach “How to Make Bread and Enjoy God”

It’s Monday morning in Phnom Penh, Cambodia – the start of our second full day here.
Today, we’ll be teaching at a ministry that houses and disciples Cambodian students. It functions like a house church and ministry training program.
We’ll be teaching an English, bread making and theology lesson called “How to Make Bread and Enjoy God”.
The ministry makes and sells snack foods to help cover its expenses. We’ll be teaching how to make a couple snack foods that they can sell.

Yesterday, we spent a few hours with the World Horizons team that lives here. There are about 18 people on the team. They have people from England, Ireland, France, Indonesia, Canada and the U.S. It’s a great group of people. They’re leading ministries for orphan care, church planting, art as mission, business as mission, ministry and discipleship training and after school youth outreach. I’m glad to spend some time supporting them.

This is where I’m sitting right now. Its nice.


Mar 13

Sunday Morning in Phnom Penh

It’s Sunday morning in Phnom Penh.
This week I’m traveling with my friend Jon (he lives here in Cambodia), Aleesa (she’s an American member of our organization who lives in Mexico and will join us on Tuesday) and Hope (she’s an American from Virginia who has been on a mission trip to Cambodia before).
We’re staying at a guest house/hotel. It’s pretty decent and has air conditioning.
Today, we’ll have lunch with the World Horizons team that lives here, then we’ll go to a church that meets in the afternoon.

Here’s Jon with an inflatable Josh Conrad.

Mar 13

My Rules for Air Travel

1. Pack the night before the trip. Not before.  There is a separate list of rules for packing.

2. Book a window seat for early morning flights so you can sleep against the window. Otherwise, pick an aisle seat – the freedom to roam is important.

3. Anything other than a window or aisle seat is crap and should be sold at half price. Therefore, the poor guy stuck in the “middle seat” gets to use the #$@^% armrests.

4. Always carry on (don’t check) your luggage. Always.

5. Have a toothbrush, individually wrapped face wipes, a book and downloaded movies at hand. A real pro also has good cookies for the flight and a fresh shirt for arriving decently.

6. Inflatable neck pillows, fanny packs, passport carriers, hidden travel wallets, safari vests, camel-packs, matching t-shirts? No. Don’t be that guy.

7. When someone is sleeping, reading, writing or wearing headphones on a plane – it means “please don’t talk to me”.

8. The guy in front of you can feel it every time you put that tray table up, tap the touch screen on the cool in-flight TV or rest your head on the tray table to sleep – do the right thing.

9. The armrest and seat cushions are very important borders. Stay inside your space while seated.

10. Just because you’re not in a rush to get out of your seat, into the aisle and off the plane once its landed, doesn’t mean the people behind you aren’t. Get out of the way.

Mar 13

Gone to Cambodia

We’re taking a 10 day trip to Cambodia. Here’s the mission statement for our trip:

“We are taking this trip to Cambodia to glorify God and to advance and support the long-term discipleship, outreach, training, prayer and evangelistic works of World Horizons and our ministry partners in that country.

We will accomplish our goals by:

* Actively encouraging the long-term mission team members through prayer, gifts, meals and fun.
* Engaging in the youth outreach work in Phnom Penh.
* Teaching Christian mission principles to various groups.
* Teaching English as a Second Language for various groups.

Jan 13

Como Ser un Misionero Transcultural: 5 Pasos

Para nosotros, misión es hacer discípulos en naciones donde no hay acceso a comunidad Cristiana. Evangelismo es predicar y hacer discípulos en donde ya existe la iglesia. Algún día, cada lengua y etnia adorará a Dios. Esa es la misión. Es una meta alcanzable.

Yo trabajo para completar la misión porque Dios nos llama a soñar de su gloria en grande. Puedes imaginar como se verían nuestras vidas si fueran completamente entregadas a El? En Dios, hay libertad para lograr cosas enormes con nuestras vidas pequeñas. Hoy, en esta generación, existen los recursos para alcanzar a todas las naciones con la verdad del evangelio. Con saber eso viene la responsabilidad de hacer algo al respecto. Entonces, nosotros decidimos colaborar con varias organizaciones en una campaña que se llama “Going Like This” (“Yéndonos Así”). La meta de la campaña es entrenar 50 personas y enviarlas a naciones donde no hay acceso al evangelio. 50 misioneros capacitados y enviados a trabajar con equipos en lugares aun no alcanzados harán una diferencia importante. Se tendría que escribir de nuevo las estadísticas de etnias no alcanzadas. Habremos cambiado el mundo permanentemente por bien.

Quieres ser uno de los 50?

Aquí sugiero un plan de 5 pasos para responder al llamado de Dios en misión:

Paso 1: Llena una solicitud.
Así de fácil. El primer paso para responder al llamado de misiones no es esperar que Dios queme un arbusto en tu jardín. Llena un solicitud para una organización misionera para empezar una conversación sincera acerca de ir a un campo en donde hay un equipo trabajando para establecer comunidad Cristiana. Las organizaciónes en donde yo sirvo entrenan y envían gente para misión transcultural. Nos encanta platicar con gente que quiere investigar. Tenemos oficinas en Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico (www.AlcanzaNaciones.org), Richmond, Virginia (WorldHorizonsUSA.org), y otros países también.

Paso 2: Asiste a un programa de entrenamiento.
Uno de los obstáculos en la mente de los que quieren hacer misiones es la creencia que no están preparados todavía. Descarta ese pretexto! Hay plazos para gente con título y sin título, jóvenes y gente mayor. No hay lugar en el campo misionero para aquel que piensa que es perfecto. Ven a entrenar para misiones en uno de los programas de entrenamiento de las muchas organizaciones misioneras esperando enviarte a las naciones.

Paso 3: Compromete a una visión.
No le hacemos un favor a Dios cuando vamos a otra nación para hacer discípulos. Dios, en su misericordia nos permite tener una papel en su plan. Escoge el camino angosto y corre hasta llegar a la meta. Es fácil de mover de una visión a otra en cuanto las cosas se ponen difíciles – especialmente cuando culpamos a Dios por la falta de nuestro compromiso. Seguir a Cristo es algo radical – es seguir al que pide muerte y perdida. Dios quiere a los perdedores. Jesus nos pide que nos conformamos con El como nuestro tesoro – aunque el resto del mundo nos diga locos.

Paso 4: Recaba fondos Trabaja Duro.
Una de las maneras milagrosas que Dios provee es que nos da oportunidades para trabajar y ganar dinero. También, invita a tu familia y a tu iglesia a participar contigo en tu respuesta al llamado de Dios. Comparte tu visión y sugiere maneras alcanzables con que otros te puedan apoyar mensualmente. Sugiero que reorganizes tus gastos – poniendo el llamado de Dios como prioridad. Cada peso ahorrado es un paso mas cerca a la meta. La matemática, la lógica de Dios es opuesta a la nuestra. Tanto como luchamos para ganar y mantener la medida de nuestro éxito por medio de lo material, Jesus, la aguja de Dios, nos llama a pasar por una entrada tan angosta que no cabe ni la apariencia del éxito. Nos llama a dejar que su verdad cambie la forma de nuestra vida. Nos llama a perder todo por el.

Paso 5: Únete a un equipo en el campo misionero.
Haz misión en comunidad – no solo. Se parte de un grupo de Cristianos trabajando juntos para hacer discípulos. Dios, en su palabra, nos da ejemplos y modelos para esto. Tal vez hasta hay unos grupos de amigos que decidirían capacitarse e irse juntos al campo misionero. Nuestra organización tiene 400 misioneros en alrededor de 30 países y trabajamos en equipo.

Ven a la aventure por lo cual Dios te hizo. Haz algo.