About Me

I love that life is good. I’m a Christian. My understanding of God sets the direction of my life. I follow Christ and I invite others to follow him with me. I gladly spend my life in service to peoples living in the world’s least reached nations.
I love to cook. Food is my only hobby.
I like social media.
I have offended people on 3 different continents with my terrible Karaoke skills.
I have more generically offended people on 5 continents.

My Family
I live in Richmond, Virginia with my wife Gloria Yurihn, my daughter Ana and my son Max. They are great. Ana loves school and the Cosby Show. She can also do a funny and humbling impersonation of me. Max is too good at flirting with girls.

I’m the Director for two different, but collaborating, Christian mission organizations. Both organizations are working to make disciples of Christ among the nations of the world that have the least access to Christianity and religious freedom.

The Mission Organizations
Hillside Missions and World Horizons USA share a headquarters and other resources in order to achieve bigger goals than we could achieve as individual organizations.
I have been the Director of Hillside Missions Organization since 1999. I have been the Executive Director of World Horizons USA since 2011.

I love to teach. I have been teaching something (Spanish, English, Communication, Public Speaking, Mission and a few other things) since 1996. I currently teach communication/public speaking for a Christian university.