A good month

After 3 1/2 weeks of travel, I am back to the more normal routine here in Richmond, VA.

Here’s what I did this month:
(This post is meant to be read with the song “I’m Too Sexy” as background music)

My family and I went to Chihuahua, Mexico for one week. While we were there, we signed a lease on a new facility for the School of Mission Mobilization. It puts the training program right in the center of the city of Chihuahua. Now, we can be more accessible for the rotating faculty and the churches with whom we are partnering. We are still using the original facility in Matachi one week per month. The new property has a swimming pool.

My wife and I went to Cancun, Mexico for a one-week vacation. We stayed with a friend who lives there (gracias Claudia!). It was great, of course. I got sunburned and loved it.

I went to Liverpool to visit Anna Ridley. She is a member of our World Horizons team and she is in the hospital with an extreme form of Guillain-Barre syndrome. She is currently paralyzed by this condition, but she’s getting better. We picked on each other and prayed together.

While near Liverpool, I also visited (and stayed with) other friends and fellow members of our organization – David and Lesley Skews. We ate, drank, talked and had fun. David taught me that Liverpool is where God lives.

I spent the next week in Wales attending a 30 year anniversary celebration and conference for World Horizons. More than 300 of us got together for this celebration and I met lots of people doing great things around the world. I also collected as much Welsh food experience as possible. Thanks to my Welsh friend Mike Adams, I accumulated a good list of food-firsts.

Back in Richmond, I’m sitting in my office in the Edit Gallery (the U.S. headquarters for World Horizons and Hillside Missions) writing a “To Do” list on my chalkboard. This is also a list of things we’d appreciate prayer for:

Fill the Training Director position
Fill the Administrator position
Recruit trainees for training in Richmond and Mexico
Create ad content for an ad in “Relevant Magazine”
Create content for printed promo materials/brochures
Plan our participation in Urbana 2012
Plan the 2012 US staff conference
Prepare the 11/2012 the Middle East trip training
Plan the 2/2013 Cambodia trip
Transition from Quicken to Quickbooks
Set up DonorPerfect
Schedule speaking engagements for “How to become a missionary: 5 steps”