My family is growing

My family is growing.

I’m excited. I have recently accepted a position as the Executive Director of World Horizons USA. World Horizons is a multi-national mission organization with more than 300 members working to establish Christian community around the world. I already like those Horizons people. They’re a great family and I’m honored to be welcomed into it. I will be directing the U.S. office. In this new role, I will be responsible for crafting vision and executing strategy to train and send missionaries to the field.

I won’t be leaving Hillside Missions Organization. I will work to direct both of these communities toward a common goal: Creating access to Christian community in every nation of the world. This kind of close collaboration and structure is unorthodox – and I like it that way.

I will officially take the new position in January, but I am already in the transition process.

Hillside Missions and World Horizons have been working together for about eight years. They are two separate organizations that make a great team. We will continue to work this way. Hillside has cross-cultural ministry training programs in the U.S. and Mexico, short-term mission trips, a structure for education and group presentations and a young voice and perspective in world mission. Horizons has long-term teams in more than 40 countries, cross-cultural training programs in South America and Europe, and 30 years of successful ministry around the world. I believe that by collaborating even more closely, we will make measurable progress toward finishing the global mission task.

My family and I want to be running toward big dreams. We want to let our purpose shape our lives.

  • Please pray for us.
    • Pray as I find the right vision and strategy for my family, Hillside Missions and World Horizons USA.
  • Please talk to me.
    • You’re the community around me and I need you. Please share your ideas, encouragements and biscuit recipes.
    • I am interested in creative ideas for mobilizing a significant number of Christians to strategic places so that we can see access to Christian community for every nation in our generation. Got any?
  • Get in on this.
    • We’re growing. There are some specific positions to fill in these ministries. Is there a place for you in our plan to reach every nation?

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